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Found it incorporated was launched today after breaking away from its former company..

After a year of building websites for many businesses and setting up social network sites, founditinc realised that the market needed something new.
Mike Kirkham
With the new DIY websites (We design the sites, you add all of your content. ) Allowing small and large business alike the opportunity to update their websites when needed, without the need of paying large sums of money for web companies.

Mike Kirkham founder of Founditinc started building and adapting websites in 2004 after he realised that his hobby of making on-line forums and designing templates would be more interesting in helping small businesses advertise better and provide them with cheaper websites.

"So many small business have their telephone numbers on their cars and vans but do not have website addresses. In today's economy customers are looking to find information about products and businesses before they contact them."

"In the age of the internet it would be more productive for a businesses, if customers can see their work before they buy, in having a website dedicated to their business. This allows business owners to visually advertise thier products and in doing so at a more cost effective price than if they were to place a static advert."

Founditinc will competitively compete against larger companies whom charge extortionate prices for simple adaptations to websites. Founditinc also offer competitively priced hosting and additional bandwidth (if needed).